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What is Heroes of Ecclesia?

Heroes of Ecclesia is a new MMORPG cut from the old school cloth of such classics as Meridian 59, Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. In a market bloated with theme park, casual, and "friendly" experiences, Heroes promises to bring something more hardcore to an untapped and hungry market. Heroes looks to bring something no other MMO has or is currently attempting to do: Bring open PVP, perma-death, long term meaningful consequences, and a deep and immersive world. This is a game not for the feint of heart, not for the weak, or those not prepared to dedicate themselves wholly to the gaming experience.

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What makes Heroes different?

Heroes of Ecclesia sets itself above the pack of casual, boring MMOs by creating immersive, cinematic game systems that allow for emergent game experiences. Much like Dwarf Fortress and hardcore Roguelikes such as Dungeon Crawl and TOME, Heroes will create a world where the player is truly a member of a living, breathing world. They will adventure, fight, love, and die as if they'd live a real life. The only limit to the game is your imagination.

Choices that matter.

Long gone are respawns and ghosting. When a character dies, they are dead forever. There are no second chances in Heroes, and even the mightiest wizard is as weak as the lowliest soldier. The friendships you make and the quest to accept will have a long term effect on you. The battles you wage will leave you with permanent scars, for better or worse. Long gone are throwing yourself at a raid boss and a guild wipe will end entire empires. Heroes will make you value your character in ways you've never expected.

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Truly Free Classes.

Heroes is not shackled down by traditional class based systems. In an yet unseen concept in a video game, players will be able to choose their own play style. This playstyle will be defined not by the weapons they wield, or armor they wear, but by the interactions they have in the world. The aggressive and forceful characters will unlock skills that allow them to fight harder. Lifting boulders, building farms, will allow you to hit harder. Running will make you faster. Rather then selecting a weapon and gaining its abilities, players must earn their skills. They must dedicate themselves to training what they want. Whether its swimming to make yourself more agile or reading to become smarter, players will do real functions in the game linked to immersive and realistic minigames. Reading books is no longer a scrolling bar, but instead a suduko like mini game. To be smart, one must learn. From this, players will truly be free to create the character they want without limitations.

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Skill based combat.

Long gone is your traditional MMO combat. In heroes, combat is deep and meaningful. Dozens of things can modify your fighting experiences, from the stance of your weapon to the allies to fight alongside. A heroic knight may receive penalties for partying with a devious thief, and a witch's magic may fail when battling alongside a holy cleric. Players will need to think beyond just the holy trinity and create realistic, immersive parties. From this players will create deep, emergent stories of heroic warriors battling devious vagabonds. Players will finally be able to have an authentic, cinematic roleplaying experience without every having to write a single line of emotive dialog to one another.

Communication is the key.

There will be no chat in Heroes. Indeed, the only forms of communication are over microphone, the limits of it are the limits of your own voice. Using next-generation sound modulation technology, players volume of voice will actually create realistic waves of sound. Whispering rogues can chat while the dumbfounded guild guards never see them coming. Announce grand battle speeches using powerful spells to amplify your voice to hundreds. Through this, players will truly feel like they live in a fantasy world.

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Open PVP done right.

Open PVP is important. Without it, you're left in a sterile world with no interaction. What Heroes brings is a truly amazing PVP experience, finally allowing a world with scary consequences while still allowing a way to combat griefers. If a player attacks another they are tagged with a misdemeanor. If they continue to attack or are attacked again within 15 minutes they become a criminal. If they kill another player over the next hour they become a villain. If any player attacks a villain and are not considered a hero they become a vigilante. If a vigilante kills a villain and does not loot their corpse they become a hero. Heroes may hunt villains, criminals and those with misdemeanors without any issues. Simple systems like this will allow for authentic and realistic PVP. Players will be able to track criminals following blood prodecurally left from their weapons. Criminals will need to be skilled in hiding and covering their trails, creating a truly epic game of cat and mouse.

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A living world.
Heroes is not like other MMOs where NPCs are static beings. Every NPC, from a farmer in the field, to the highest king is a living, breathing member of the world. Using advanced AI algorithms, the NPCs in Heroes living a life not unlike your own. Some many adventure and even compete with the player and create deep and emergent stories lines without ever opening a quest log. NPCs will live real lives. Garthog the Orkkian lord may give you a task in the morning, but by noon he's laboring in the mines, disinterested in what you have to say. And by nightfall, he and his beloved children are fast asleep. Players will be able to consider when to do quests and plan schedules around it, creating a truly immersive world.

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Truly epic scale.
The world of heroes will be 10x bigger then even the largest mainstream MMO. Fast travel will be foregone in exchange for logical means of transportation, such as horses and wagons. While the time to travel is increased, it allows players to experience the world and see the many people and creatures filling Ecclesia. Giant monsters roam, hungry for food and bandit camps may rise into black market downs before the players eyes. The world of Heroes is anything but static and even towns may be destroyed and rebuilt over the course of months.

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Deep politics.
Setting itself apart from its rivals, Heroes has no initially government. All cities and NPCs will be governed by players. Players will constantly struggle over land and resources and must protect the people living on these lands so they can gain the resources to build their vast armies. Backstabbing, wars and alliances will become the language of Heroes end game and players will find the pen is sometimes mightier then the sword as politicians do battle in one another's courts. Players will soon find that their speech will have other uses, in the battle of will they will find. From this, a truly immersive world, filled with endless emergent, procedural stories can come forth, like Dwarf Fortress and other games.

Who are you?

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We're Ganky Kong Games. An amateur team, but lovers of true MMOs. With a combined industry experience of 10 years, we bring unrivaled experience in concept writing, scenario planning, and adventure crafting.

What can I do?

Heroes needs money. It's as simple as that. Donate to our kickstarter now and see the game gamers truly want made.


Official Ganky Kong website

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