John of England

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John of England

Post by QueenMinnie on Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:56 am

Name: Duke John of England

Age: 27

Gender: Male


Personality: Cold, calculating. He's extremely strong willed and unrelenting in his desire for revenge. Smart, quick witted, and dark.

Character's Bio: Born John Laremy in England, Alabama, John was just a normal 22 year old man working at Pizza Hut when he fell through a magic portal into the world of Equestria. There he was mocked and baffled before being sent to a horrible dimension of endless war between man and demon. There he became incredibly powerful, serving under the great king, a Warrior of Light. However, in his greatest moment of triumph ready to slay the heartless Garland, he was sucked back into the pony dimension. Before he could get his revenge on the dastardly beasts, however, the heartless attacked and he, along with all those assembled, were teleported away by the vile queen. He now wants revenge not only on the heartless, but the horses who ruined his life.

Weapons, skills and powers: John is a master of fire and body magic. He is extremely physically strong, and a master with all known types of western melee weapons, including swords, knives and even daggers. He also can use a katana as well. His sword, named DarkHatred, has slain a thousand heartless.

Pets and Allied NPCs: John is a lone wolf and not trusting of others.


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