Post-Time Skip George Bashline

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Post-Time Skip George Bashline

Post by QueenMinnie on Tue Jun 30, 2015 4:07 am

Name: George God of Thunder
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Bio: The past ten years had been hard on George. After attempting to purify Brer, he was separated from the party by the nefarious Petelina. Lost into the dark nether, he and John were sent to worlds long since corrupted by the heartless. Forced to ally with the few resistance fighters left, such as Antoine D'Coolete, Mike Stoklasa and Dudley Doowright, George saw his humanity leave him as he brought death to millions of heartless.
He discovered Petelina was planning on destroying Super Hero City Planet, and he went to help his friends from the Marvel universe. However, he was too late. In his dying breath Thor bequeathed his hammer to George, granting him the Power of Thor. Captain America had betrayed everyone and become Petelina's slave. "I'm tired of being a virgin with RAGE!" he screamed as he tossed his shield at George. But George caught it and took it as his own. He slayed Captain America but before he could finish Petelina off, Goofy intervened. "I want my Alimony BITCH!" he screamed.
"Y-YOU REMEMBERED!!! Now, Fuck My Shit up!!!" Petelina squealed in pig-like joy. But it soon turned to horror as Goofy fucked her so hard her spine was destroyed.
His friends dead, John disappeared and the worlds coming to an end, George now travels the world searching for some meaning in all this Chaos and pointless war.
Powers: God of Thunder, can now fly, heartless powers absorbed into his wings, allowing him to shoot waves of darkness. he still has the power of light, but he needs a woman to bring it back out so he can be a hero again. Master swordsman, master hammerman, his dick is also 12'' long and his cum is extremely thick, making him an ideal mate as his genes are now divine as well.


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