Cletus Brando: (post time skip)

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Cletus Brando: (post time skip)

Post by NormalNermal2001 on Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:11 am

Bio: After the loss of his good friends Jack and Phil in the epic final confrontation against Petelina and the leatherless Cletus became distraught, and fled from Hollow Bastion and Traverse town for good. 10 years later, the now 16 year old Cletus has re-emerged, a changed man. He has grown wise in his solitude. He no longer cares about his past, but he still keeps his belt, the only family heirloom he uncovered in his time in traverse town. Adorned with a white outfit to show off his intelligence, he roams the land helping those by citing passages from his favorite book, hoping to put them on the path to righteousness a sort of wandering priest??? in the last ten years, he has purged the evil from his body (or so he thinsk??) and because of that, no longer can summon his Heartless stand Sneaker Madness, because how can your stand be real if your own self isn't real? (sorry..getting a bit too deep there) He however still can call upon the powers of SammySonic, who has canonically become a park ranger at Autism Camp. however......despite saying he would never go back to the place where his friends died, he begins heading back after hearing of a mysterious new pickle based life form searching for someone with the last name "Brando" what could be in store for this wisened sage? we shall find out.

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