Nozdorman Osborn - The Reclaimed Goblin

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Nozdorman Osborn - The Reclaimed Goblin Empty Nozdorman Osborn - The Reclaimed Goblin

Post by SpacemanDan on Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:29 am

Name: Nozdorman Osborn

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Nozdorman Osborn - The Reclaimed Goblin ZUOfCjz

Personality: An all out freak who enjoys an audience. He is intelligent, nihilistic and has a wicked sense of humor.

Character's Bio: As Brer Hedgehog was converted into a Heartless, it was up to Remus the White and the Nobody of Brer, Rebrx to stop him. This long an epic campaign twisted through Gummi Space, until finally, on Doom Planet it met it's end. The rogue agent of the Heartless, Neo-Doomguy helped the forces of light in slaying Brer, sending his soul to peace. Rebrx now returned to the Song of the South world, in order to help rebuild it with the missing heroes Remus and Brer (Remus ascended to the afterlife after Brer was defeated). Unknown to our heroes, Neo-Doomguy was playing a larger game, using the death of the Heartless general that was Brer to overtake Doom Planet, plunging deep into the bowels of hell to free his old master, Nozdorman Osborn. Freed from his isolation, Nozdorman sought only one thing - an audience, company he truly desired in the Void. They began a mass recruitment of other rogue Heartless, those who could be molded to Nozdorman's goal. Together, Neo-Doom Guy and Nozdorman's Heartless Agents destroyed ALL the demons on the Doom Planet, and began destroying it, twisting it to it's base form. From here, Nozdorman twisted the Planet, redesigning it to his tastes. Repairing the abomination of worlds, long lost was Doom Planet, now in it's place, built on the bones of the cyberdemons was the New Coney Island world, designed to be a resurrection of Nozdorman's lost home world. Now with his kingdom, Nozdorman began the arduous task of assembling a clandestine order to rule it. Many of these people were Heartless strong enough to regain their personality and control. Eventually Nozdorman would fulfill this quest, his new order of New Coney Island, the Sinister Six included himself, Carnage, Swiss Miss, Kraven the Humongous Hunter, Swarm and The Lizard, as well as the 7th member of the Sinister Six, Neo-Doom Guy.

Nozdorman does not submit to the Heartless plan - although their lives were lost when they became Heartless, upon regaining their personality and control they had the power change Gummi Space.  Pretty soon, the realm of New Coney Island would spread throughout Gummi Space, and all the rides would be open and free - on him.

Weapons, skills and powers: Nozdorman has powerful dark magic, which he uses for a twisted good to the universe, repairing the carnage wrought on by the Heartless with his own twisted insanity. Nozdorman is still a Heartless, and most Heartless will assume he is one of them until he begins attacking them, alerting to a wide area of Heartless hivemind he is a turncout. He commands a faithful Heartless Phantom, Gly'der, born from the remains of an ancient creature which he uses to fly as well as travel through Gummi Space. Nozdorman currently appears to fight for the forces of light, but should he go unchecked his plan for the Gummi Universe will put him and the Warriors of Light on opposing ends.

Nozdorman Osborn - The Reclaimed Goblin 8V8wS
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