New Character: Pickle Kujo

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New Character: Pickle Kujo Empty New Character: Pickle Kujo

Post by Petelina on Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:09 am

New Character: Pickle Kujo ZjzGz6m

Born to a Briney Jazz Singer and a Zuchinni woman from America, Pickle Kujo is a silent, somber individual who's brash personality contrasts with his true feelings. Never in a hurry and stoic to the end, Pickle Kujo has gone through life, handling anyone who messes with him and makes sure they never f*** with him again. His bloodline, the Grillostar family has long been tainted by the dark magics of Dillo Brando, sworn enemy of the galactic alliance. Pickle Kujo does NOT have a keyblade, nor CAN he ever possess one due to his dark tainted bloodline, but he will use his psychic energies to fight for his friends, though he'll never admit it Wink.

New Character: Pickle Kujo CkVgf9i

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New Character: Pickle Kujo Z7jasoK

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