George Bashline

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George Bashline

Post by QueenMinnie on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:37 am

Name: George Ignatius Thaddeus Bashline (George to his Friends)

Age: 26

Gender: Male


Personality: Charming, witty, strong, protects his friends, bullheaded, quick to anger. Loving, passionate, a renowned lover and sexual man.

Character's Bio: Born on Radiant Gardens (now Hallowed Bastion) George was a recruited the brilliant Doctor Ansem as a member of the Radiant Gardens Defense Force, he fought many heartless when they invaded. Forced to retreat with the few that survived, her worked as a gummiship privateer, fighting pirates and heartless alike and gaining much fame and prestige. He also spent much of his time fighting alongside Captain America in Marvel City where he gained access to his famed Knight's shield from the captain, which was blessed by King Mickey himself. However not all was well. When fighting Doctor Doom he was cast into darkness. However, his heart was too pure to be corrupted and he emerged more powerful then ever. His dark wing is a both a blessing and a curse a reminder that he may one day fall but a mighty source of power.

Weapons, skills and powers: Keyblade named Comdom's Bane, and the Knight's shield made of vibratium and given to him by his friend Captain America. He can use both holy and dark magic and he can fly using his one wing. He is also extremely strong and agile, and smarter then even the brightest mages in Traverse town.

Pets and Allied NPCs: He has a girlfriend named Khloe, who will receive her own profile. He also is Cloud and Thor's Rival


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