Anime Board Rules (Follow or get sent to the Shadow Realm)

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Anime Board Rules (Follow or get sent to the Shadow Realm)

Post by SpacemanDan on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:31 am

1. Read the forum rules! These still apply here. ESPECIALLY THE ECCHI/HENTAI ONE.
   There are two small exceptions. Images that are not work-safe may be posted in threads marked NWS. The second exception is the next rule.
2. Anime with Lolicon or Yuri themes will be deleted on site and you WILL be banned. Femdom will also be deleted, and depending on the severity, a ban may be issued.
3. Complaining about spoilers is against the rules. Don't want to be spoiled? Watch/read the anime/manga. We don't need to cater to your whims on what you have and haven't seen. Don't enter threads for shit you're still finishing or haven't started then.
4. You may only claim one (1) waifu in the waifu thread. Multiple waifus are allowed, but only one may be claimed exclusively to you.
5. Anime torrents are fine, link that shit nigga.
6. Sandpanda links are allowed  Wink

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