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Playable Races
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Earthling - Human Type
Example Characters: Hercule, Yamcha, Krillin
The most common race on Earth, Humans come in all shapes and sizes and various walks of life. Humans are generally well-rounded and have the potential to branch out into a variety of focuses, whether it be martial arts, spiritual attacks and magic, utilizing weapons and technology and even proficient ki users. Humans take on a large variety of jobs and professions in Dragon World.

Human Cooking is diverse and varies wildly from different areas and kingdoms.

Innate Abilities: Humans posses innate Combat Transformation. Humans are able to develop their own techniques and special attacks much easier than most races, and often develop their own "Powered Up" states from this (such as Tien's Four Witches Technique and Master Roshi's Max Power Transformation).

Humans have also demonstrated a better grasp of the Metamoran Fusion Dance. Human Characters who learn this technique will have a much lower failure rate.

Humans are weighed more favorably when it comes to morality judgement. When receiving Judgment from King Yemna, or seeing if one is pure of heart to ride a Flying Nimbus, they will often be weighed more "pure hearted".

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Earthling - Saiyan Type
Example Characters: Trunks, Goten, Pan
Descendants of Goku and Vegeta's families, (and a third Saiyain family according to genealogy experts, although whom the originator was is currently speculation at this point in time.)Saiyan blood runs through roughly 2,000 peoples veins today. Almost indistinguishable from humans, save for those born with tails, the Saiyan descendants have spread wide across the world. Born with a warrior races blood, many Saiyan-Earthlings venture off to become powerful martial artists, or work labor intensive jobs to keep themselves occupied. However, much like Gohan, many opt for other goals and become teachers, scientists and doctors instead. Even the most untrained Saiyan can still put up a fight, but years without training can even take the punch out of the mightiest of warriors.

Saiyan Cooking is generally hearty, and served in bountiful servings. It is generally easy to prepare and easy to eat so they can quickly restore their energy and fill their stomachs. Saiyan restaurants are known for their speed and plentiful portion sizes.

Innate Abilities: Saiyans can utilize the Zenkai, or Saiyan Power. When taking excessive damage and recovering, they will receive a significant power level increase. The more Zenkais they achieve throughout life, the less effective they become. It is possible to reach power levels, through Zenkai or other training, to a point where Zenkais will have no effect. Self-inflicted wounds do not seem to contribute to or trigger Zenkais, however a peculiar "masked" Saiyain known as Cucumb the Glutton has learned to gain power from self and mutually inflicted pain, so training with him may circumvent this.

Saiyans born with Tails who still posses the member may transform into a giant and savage Great Ape should they look at a Full Moon. While in this form they posses great strength, reach and resilience, however lack control. While in a Great Ape state many of your planned actions, no matter how basic will be determined by die rolls to see if you have enough control to do that, as well as making defensive rolls to prevent you from rampaging or attacking your friends. Control of this form will grow with age and use. A Great Ape transformation may be cancelled by having their tail severed. While the tail can grow back, in certain circumstances it may never return, especially as the Saiyan ages.

Saiyans born without a tail (like Goten and Trunks) see increased power and energy in their youth, and through the right training these higher energy levels can be sustained as they grow.

Saiyans both with and without tails can enter a basic Super Saiyan transformation, increasing their power and energy, and even gaining stronger versions of attacks or techniques they posses. By now, many Saiyan-Earthlings achieve this form in early youth (some even early if born without a tail), and do not have to train to learn to utilize this form. However the gap between this form and higher levels has grown, and only through extensive training can further transformations be achieved. Through training and as the game goes on your character may achieve higher levels of Super Saiyan, utilize special energy such as Godly Ki to reach new forms, or come to discover their own unique transformations.

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Earthling - Animal Type
Example Characters: Puar, Oolong, Bear Thief
Around 17% of sapient Earthlings are Animal Types. These animal people are much more unique in shape and size than human types and often resemble anthropomorphic animals. Just like Humans they posses a wide range of jobs, professions and skills. Notably, many roaming bandits and gangs are comprised of Animal Type Earthlings, as are politicians. Many Animal Types attend the Shapeshifting Academy to learn the art of Shapeshifting in order to fit in more with Human society.

Animal Type Cooking is just as varied as Human cooking, and is privy to strange and unique dishes made with rare natural ingredients.

Innate Abilities: Many Animal Types may have extra abilities depending on the animal they take after. Dog Type Earthlings posses greater smell and energy sensing, while Cat Type and Bear Types posses sharp claws and teeth. Some Animal Types may posses greater frames, making them bigger and stronger, and others may posses small shapes, allowing them to speed around and be more sneaky. Some may posses additional prehensile body parts, such as tails or trunks. These unique traits and shapes can help to develop unique skills and techniques. The current King of Earth, King Fluffy is a descendant of the first being to make a wish from Earth's Dragon Balls, having wished to become King of the World. He is the great-great-grandson of King Furry, a well loved and respectable King who was ruler for much of the time Goku and friends had their adventurers on Earth. His descendant however is a corrupt and greedy King who is rumored to have several underground connections to organized crime, as well as the Red Pants Army.

Animals Types who have lived out in the wild more may enter Bestial Rage, becoming resilient to damage and having an increase in attack speed, in exchange for spending quite alot of energy and power.

Animal Types who are more domesticated and have lived in civilization have higher diplomatic and speech skills.

Animal Types are involved with criminal organizations, gangs and the Red Pants Army, and can utilize this stereotype to their advantage in speech checks and infiltration of criminal hideouts.  

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Earthling - Monster Type
Example Characters: Emperor Pilaf, Giran, Octopapa
Making up even less of a portion of the Earthling population than Animal Type, are the Monster Type. Sparse and varied, no two Monster Type tribes are the same. Giran and his tribe of Giras were creators of the Go Go Gum, an innovative building material and combat weapon, while Pilaf and his descendants have all been schemers and master minds. Monster Types are often scary to most Earthlings, even today, and tend to stick to their own tribes in the wilderness or outskirts of civilization. Some who do live among others tend to be less fearsome, or have proven to those in the area they're not up to no good. Like Animal Type Earthlings, many are roaming bandits, gang members or involved in organized crime, however some are helpful wanderers and martial artists.

Innate Abilities: Like the Animal Type Earthlings, Monster Type Earthlings vary in shape and size, much more wildly. Monster Type with Wings can fly without the use of Ki, and other Monsters may posses sharp claws or teeth. Similarly to Animal Type, the specific Monster Type you are will define what special abilities, if any you posses. The special abilities may be more exotic than Animal Type, such as Giran's ability to create Go Go Gum, or the ability to breath fire.

Monster Types can enter a similar transformation state to wilderness Animal Type's "Bestial Rage" called "Monster's Rampage". In addition to resistance to damage and increased attack speed, the Monster's Rampage can increase the potency of natural abilities (such as further range on fire breath, or more potent natural poisons). More civilized and domesticated Monster Types, or intelligent scheming types such as Emperor Pilaf generally do not have access to this Combat Transformation.

Monster Type are involved with criminal organizations, gangs and the Red Pants Army, and can utilize this stereotype to their advantage in speech checks and infiltration of criminal hideouts.  Monster Type may also scare civilians more easily.

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Example Characters: Piccolo, Lord Slug, Dende
The native genderless race of Namek. Long ago their planet was destroyed by Frieza, who was ultimately stopped by Goku and friends, and with their help and the Namekian Dragon Porunga, they were able to settle on New Namek. Not too long ago, the mysterious Mirai attacked and destroyed New Namek, leaving many Namekians without a home. Many of the elders remembered Earth and it's heroes and upon receiving aid from the Galactic Patrol in relocation, fled to Earth. Namekians are philosophical warriors, being broadly divided into two classes: Warriors and Dragon Clan. Warrior Nameks strive to be powerful fighters, to protect others or to seek challenge. Dragon Clan are healers who posses innate healing abilities and tend to be mystics and scholars. Having lost their planet recently, they cling much closer to their history and culture, choosing to respect the old ways so it is not lost. Some Namekians however, have chosen to rediscover ancient dark arts upon settling near King Piccolo's own throne, and have started to become their own antagonistic faction. These Dark Namekians use the power of Pokopen to spawn dark creatures, and utilize dark energies to become Mutant Namekians. Some Namekians who may have dabbled or experimented with these arts may still be good, choosing to better understand this ancient lost art.

Namekian Cooking is almost non-existent. Namekians do not need to eat and only drink water. Some Namekian Gourmands have experimented in creating fancy looking and flavorful water beverages. Many Namekians farm and grow vegetables from New Namek, a practice they did to help keep the planet bountiful after their ancestors nearly destroyed all plant life, and have learned to prepare these unique vegetables for others consumption.

Innate Abilities: Namekians posses great regenerative abilities, able to even regrow limbs. The greater a wound regenerated, the more energy they will need to use.

Dragon Clan Namekians posses innate healing powers which can be trained and advanced much like Ki control. They can heal others without the need of devices or implements, however Dragon Clan Namekians are less combat proficient, not growing as tall or as strong as their Warrior counterparts.

Warrior Namekians posses greater combat prowess, growing strong and tall like Piccolo. Warrior Namekians do not posses the innate ability to heal others, but are better fighters than most other races at the start of the campaign.

Super Namekians are a rare third tribe of Namekians, much taller and bulkier than most. Lord Slug is one of the few known Super Namekians. They posses great strength and power, and can enter their Great Namek Form much easier, however their energy and ki reserves are more quickly spent.

Namekians of the Warrior and Super tribes are aware of a Great Namek Form, however at the point of the games start do not posses it. Utilizing this form they gain great strength, reach and damage resistance, however their regenerative skills are severely weakened, as is their ability to use energy attacks. Super Nameks will be able to learn and master this ability quicker than Warrior Nameks.

Namekians of the Warrior and Dragon tribe may also learn a mysterious new transformation, the Red Eyed Namekian Form. While not available at the start of the campaign, this form may be learned later as the Namekian culture begins to discover and understand it. It is equivalent to a Super Saiyan Form and will see increased attack power, speed and enhanced attacks at the cost of energy. It may be progressed into further states as the game goes on.

Namekians who utilize Pokopen may summon monsters, and at higher levels of training, create temporary copies of themselves. A skilled Namekian in Pokopen may even transfer their memories into an egg upon death to be reborn, as King Piccolo did, giving birth to Piccolo Jr.

Namekians who wish to explore and experiment with the dark arts of Pokopen and others may be overcome with dark energies and enter a permanent http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Mutated_Namekian transformation. While irreversible without the aid of Dragon Balls, this new form will not only posses greater combat power, but additional skills and techniques depending on the traits of the new form. Should you give yourself wings, you may gain flight that does not require the use of Ki, or you may give yourself sharp horns to gore enemies with. Upon attaining this form you will detail the desired changes and abilities. Mutated Namekians lose the ability to Heal others, as well as their own Regenerative abilities. In most cases, Great Namek and Red Eyed Namekian forms will be inaccessible as well, unless decided to be a part of the mutation.

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Example Characters: Good Buu, Miss Buu, Evil Buu
Majin's are the spawn of Majin Buu and his wife, Miss Buu. Having created dozens of children, who in turn would later create their own, a sizable population of Majin's have spread across the planet. Majins are very powerful creatures, and are very style savvy. Able to morph their bodies around and change shape, they often morph pseudo-hair in a variety of styles, and have invented a new type of clothing often referred to as "Buu-gi"s, which mold, stretch and shape to the body, which is popular among many races with shape changing combat abilities. Majin's are fun loving and seek professions and jobs where they get to express their creativity, with many Majin becoming chefs, artists, actors, musicians and video game developers. After the death of Majin Mani Mani, a Majin Fighter, during the siege of Frieza's Elite Guard, many Majin were inspired to become fighters and martial artists in his legacy, bringing the same creativity to the battlefield. Mister Bii, a blind orphan Majin Buu once cured, worked hard and opened up a Majin themed "Buu World" theme park, which employs hundreds of Majins, giving them income to allow them to pursue their creative dreams.

Majin Cooking is generally exotic and sweet. Primarily compromising of desserts, the meals they make are often bountiful with large portions due to Majins incredible appetites, and generally posses unique shapes and colors.

Innate Abilities: Majin's are capable of stretching and reshaping their bodies at will, as well as having access to EXTREME regeneration. Majin can be blown to bits, only to regroup and regenerate. Because of this they do not have a racial transformation, however like all races they can learn and develop their own.

Majin give off weird Ki signatures making it hard to discern their power levels and are able to manipulate and use ki naturally from birth without training. However, Majin have trouble sensing and measuring ki signatures and must train in order to do so.

Majin may learn techniques which allow them to transform others into food or objects, however by now many people have trained to be able to break out of these transformations, and are often temporary.

Majin who train hard may eventually concentrate and expel an emotion or idea in the form of another being, similar to the way Buu's desire for a family spawned Miss Buu, or his anger and hate spawned Evil Buu. Players who do this may do so in order to strengthen their character, such as shedding a flaw or distraction, as well as creating another character. The character could be created to solve a problem (a powerful foe just wants a friend and you are now able to provide one), or to have an assistance character who may provide support abilities to you and your allies in battle. This should be discussed with the DM ahead of time to get a better idea of what you will be doing with the character.

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Frieza Clan
Example Characters:Frieza, Cooler, King Cold
One of the strongest races in the cosmos, even the mysterious Frieza Race was no match for the mysterious Mira who destroyed their planet. Displaced and relocated to Earth by the Galactic Patrol along with the Namekians, the Frieza Clan have begun to travel across the planet, seeing what challenges it has to offer. Despite hailing from Planet Freeza, the planet itself was just another in the hundreds of planets that were part of Frieza's Trade Federation, and upon King Cold and both of his sons death, the race itself had no presence in the remnants of Frieza's Army. The Elite Guard which attacked Earth long ago was comprised of many alien races but none of the Frieza Race itself. Because of this, and Frieza's own attack on Earth (and his later resurrection and attempted revenge) being largely unknown to the Earth's population, the Frieza Race has no prejudice experienced against them and are seen as new friends just like the Namekians. Even the Namekians whose history goes into great detail about Frieza's destruction of their planet have no animosity towards the race, as both races spent alot of time together in Galactic Patrol relocation shuttles, creating a brotherhood between the two species as both wanderers who have lost their planets. The Frieza race happens to feature a wide variety of personalities and people, some as cunning and sadistic as Frieza, others as polite as Frost. Although all are generally powerful fighters, many actually seek other jobs and professions, treating their fighting prowess as simply a talent they can do.

Frieza Clan Cooking can be rather bizarre. Favoring shellfish, wine and milk heavily, the dishes they create can sometimes be a bit much for most Earthlings. They also enjoy "meat" a great deal, to the point they will use any meat, from any creature or alien in their dishes. Frieza Clan Delis and Bistros have become very popular as of late.

Innate Abilities:Frieza Clan have immense control over their bodies. When dismembered they are able to control those limbs still to a degree, and all parts of their body still continue to live. Even if diced up into a bunch of pieces or cut in half, the Frieza Clansman will still be able to live a lifetime and control the remaining portions. The Frieza Clan do not need oxygen to breath, and can live without nourishment for years if needed. Because of this, many Frieza Clan who have lost limbs or suffered major damage often augment missing parts with robotics, with some Frieza Clan being almost entirely machine. Lately the Frieza Clan have developed regenerative pods, based on the ones Frieza used after his resurrection with the Dragon Balls, allowing them to re-attach detached body parts without the aid of a machine.

Frieza Clan are able to Transform in several stages. The Frieza Combat Transformations are less "power ups" and more "buffer zones" that are being dropped. By the start of the game, your Frieza Clan character will only have access to their First and Second Forms, and will primarily play in their First form. They may "drop a buffer" and proceed to their Second Form, gaining increased strength and power. As your Frieza Clan member trains and grows and can control their full power, they can begin to progress into Third and Final forms. The Second Form will generally look like your first form but a bulkier, more full-sized figure. Your 3rd and Final Form may be more customized and may gain more traits. For example, Frieza's Third Form gains Horns which he can impale people with and is much more speed focused, while Frieza's Final Form is more sleek and possess a stronger tail used to grab people and deflect attacks. Further training can see players progress Beyond their Final Form, turn Golden, or seek out robotic enhancement.

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Example Characters: Android 16, Android 18, Cell
Rumors of a Robotic Duplicate of Dr. Gero working for the Red Pants Army have spread throughout. In tow with these rumors, mysterious fighters have begun to appear. Some are fully mechanical beings who look like humans, others are humans enhanced and augmented with advanced technology, and others are strange biological monsters that eerily resemble the fabled Cell that Hercule defeated long ago. These wanderers are shown to have no allegiance to the Red Pants Army, or even each other, all appearing to be outcasts or expats from where they came from. Some are kind and are simply trying to make a living, while others are menacing and use their power to bring about fear and chaos. The Turtle Hermit Krillin of the New Turtle School was known to have married and enhanced human Android, and the leader of the Ranger Corp was rumored to be one as well, however not everyone trusts these new wanderers for fear of what they may do.

Androids are not known for their cooking, being solitary travelers (or travelers within their own insulated groups), with Cell-Like Bio-Androids and 100% mechanical construct androids not even needing to eat.

Innate Abilities: All three types of Androids are unable to have their energy or ki detected (although a Bio-Android possessing DNA of someone familiar to the person trying to sense them may pick up their signature mistaking them for the DNA donor) and can absorb ki to replenish their own, taking less damage from ki based attacks if focusing to absorb them.

Purely mechanical Androids, like 16 and 8, may Overclock, gaining power and speed in exchange for spending alot of energy. If they spend to much they can overheat, causing damage to themselves and others.

Human Androids, like 18 and 17 with Mechanical Enhancements posses no default Combat Transformation, but can absorb Ki at a much faster rate than other Androids.

Bio-Androids like Cell are born from residual Cell cells leftover from defeated Cell Jr.'s that have been cultivated and restored by a duplicate of Dr. Gero and released into the wilderness. They posses the ability to absorb life-force from others, draining them substantially and healing the Bio-Android. Player Bio-Androids will already be in their "Final Form". In place of a Combat Transformation they may absorb the life-force of foes to gain their techniques and abilities. Through focused training they may keep these abilities permanently.

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Neko Majin
Example Characters: Korin, Neko Majin Z, Chocolay
Neko Majin are extremely long-lived, possibly immortal, and can even sleep for 30-straight years. The Neko Majin race is originally from Earth, and they have existed on Earth longer than humanity; among them, there are apparently even those who have been alive since that time. They are frighteningly long-lived, but as they are capricious, they never quite increase in number, in fact there are only 39 Neko Majin on the planet currently. Elusive and unknown to much of the world, they surprisingly have impacted the planet in major ways unbeknownst to most. Korin has trained many of the Z-Warriors, leading to the defeat of King Piccolo and other foes, while Neko Majin Z was one of Goku's students and fought alongside the renaming Z-Warriors during the Frieza's Elite Guard assault on Earth after Hercule's death. Strong is the standard power of the Neko Majin race; this is normal for them, from the start.Majin-Dama are the Neko Majins' source of power. The Neko Majins keep this ball inside their bodies and can spit out of their mouth at will, but removing it causes them to lose their powers.

Neko Majin Cooking is rare to experience, but very potent. Cultivating powerful sacred plants like the Senzu Bean, their meals are often deceptive in appearance. A single Senzu Bean fills one up and restores strength and mends wounds, and other plants grown by the few Neko Majin around have similar bizarre attributes.

Innate Abilities: Neko Majin, like Frieza Clan and Warrior-Type Namek are stronger than most other characters near the start. However, they lose this strength if their Majin Dama, a ball kept inside of them, is removed. The Majin Dama can also be expelled, disgustingly like a furball, to deal immense damage to a foe, however such a move is very risky.

Neko Majin can start with basic Shapeshifting without having to have gone to Shapeshifting Academy if the player choses.

Neko Majin can enter a Super Neko form. This form is not available at the start of the game, but must be trained. The form is very similar to a Saiyans "Super Saiyan" form, giving them a boost in power, speed and enhancement of attacks at the cost of energy. Visually however, the Neko Majin does not change, however their eyes are shut very tight from concentrating to reach this form. They can still see in spite of this.

Neko Majin are considered "pure of heart" regardless of their actions.

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Example Characters: Baby, Dr, Lychee, Dr, Myuu (Despite these characters, Tuffles generally look like the above picture, where as those who utilize Machine Mutation end up looking like these guys)
Long thought instinct, wiped out by the vicious Saiyans who overtook their planet and their technology, a colony ship of Tuffles lost DEEP in space makes contact with the Galactic Patrol and eventually lands on Earth due to the planets primary species (Humans) resembling them. The Tuffle are an advanced scientific race, with many of today's Tuffles having been born, grown up and only known the confines of their colony ship. The elders who have used machine mutations to stay alive are the only remnants of their old society. While the elders still resent the Saiyans for destroying their planet, many Tuffles today know nothing of the Saiyan-Tuffle Conflict or much of their history beyond the Colony Ship. Tuffles are generally smart, analytical scientists or clever, tactical soldiers. They are known to use machine mutations, a soft-blue liquid metal that can shape and reshape, to augment their power and help them in combat. Many Tuffle Youth feel that Tuffle Science is too concrete and defined from a closed space and feel they can learn more by exploring this new planet.

Tuffle Cooking is cooking down to a science. A very boring science. Many Tuffles do not "experiment" when cooking, as the centuries on their colony ship has "perfected" many cultural dishes down to the literal drop. While some find the dishes to be tasty, Tuffle cooking is focused on giving the maximized benefit in nutrition and nourishment while tasting "passable" over taste and enjoyment. Tuffle recipes are very popular among those trying to lose weight.

Innate Abilities:Tuffles are more technology minded and familiar with machines, weapons and computers than most, and are often equipped with a scouter (newest model!) and high tech gadgets.

Tuffles can enter a "Greater Tuffle" form, similar to a Super Saiyan. This form functions the same, increasing power, speed and enhancing abilities, as well as resembling it physically. A major difference is white hair in place of golden hair. Tuffles do not start with this ability as it is largely unknown by their race. Further experimentation and exploring can lead to a Tuffle learning more about their biology and potential than what has been defined by the elders of the Colony ship.

Tuffles who are more technology slanted and focus their combat on weapons may want to use Machine Mutations, allowing them to form weapons, armor and upgrades with a soft-blue metal that can become liquid and harden to solid, responding to the Tuffles mind and will. Tuffles who utilize this biological augmentation resemble tend to resemble Vegeta when he was under the influence of Baby in Dragon Ball GT, and upon further mutation can gain blue skin.

Tuffles who want to achieve greater power  via scientific study and application over physical training can use Machine Mutation to become biological weapons called Neo Machine Mutants. This is a permanent change but can come with great power and new abilities. Examples include Baby and Hatchiyack

Dragon Ball F1JTuAp
Kaioshin Scholar
Example Characters:Shin, the Eastern Supreme Kai, Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, Zamasu
Not long ago, a miracle happened in the Sacred World of the Kais. The tree that bore the fruit which the Kai and Kaoshin grew from suddenly had a bountiful harvest. No longer where there only a few Kai in the Universe, but there were many. As the Supreme Kai are agents of creation, many scholars theorize this miracle growth stemmed from the destruction caused by Vegeta and Goku's last fight in the cosmos. As the new Kaioshin became accustomed to their world, many grew bored once the 6 or 7 official jobs for Kaoshin were filled and traveled to Earth, hoping to learn more about the world and the universe from there. The Kaioshin are generally kind and happy people, eager to learn and explore. The abundance of Kaioshin in the Universe has awoken Beerus, the God of Destruction, from his most recent nap and brought him back to Earth to witness the growing forces of creation. Rather than destroy the Earth and the Kaioshin, Beerus and his attendant Whis set off to find powerful fighters to train to be "Demi-Gods of Destruction". Many Kaioshin are aware of the balance of nature and destruction in the universe and are eager to help adventurers and fighters grow stronger so they can be candidates to become one of Beerus' disciples.

Kaioshin Cooking is thought by the many mortal races to be "divine". Immaculate in presentation and flavor, many wait for traveling Kaioshin scholars to pass through their village or town to allow them to stay at their place, knowing they will grace them with a wonderful meal. To the taste of Gods however, is a different story. Beerus the Destroyer has been quoted often as finding Kaioshin cuisine "bland" and "tasteless".

Innate Abilities:Kaioshin Scholars are already trained in the art of Kaio-Ken, a technique that multiplies your ki use, allowing you access to greater speed and strength. Unlike forms like Super Saiyan, this ability does not drain energy. Instead it takes a physical toll on your body, causing you to grow tired and eventually take damage the longer you keep it up. Envelops you in a crimson aura, and is available from the start. You will be able to progress to further levels of Kaio-Ken (Kaio-Ken x5, x10, x100, etc) through proper training.

Unlike most racial Innate Abilities, Kaio-ken can be learned by other races, and with better mastering by the Kaioshin player, be taught others.

Kaioshin may be able to learn more exotic forms and techniques as they learn and train. Once they master these new forms or techniques they may also teach them to others.

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Example Characters: Dabura, Towa, Melee
The harsh and barren Demon Realm has long been a place of misery, bringing about a race of Demons who loved nothing more than to torture and bring about pain. Many years ago, this all changed. Dabura, the King of the Demon Realm who had long been deceased since Majin Buu first came to Earth, had been cast up to Heaven by King Yemna, for fear he would enjoy Hell too much. While there, Dabura learned of true love from Videl and her search for Gohan, as well as the power of family from Chi-Chi, Gohan's mother. Redeemed and filled with love, Dabura spent many years in the Other World picking flowers and enjoying his after life, until an incident on Earth involving the Dragon Balls caused many deaths. Unhappy with this, he journeyed far and wide in Other World to find long forgotten "Other World Dragon Balls", carefully hidden to prevent people from wishing to resurrect them self. Having summoned the Other World Dragon, Yggdhog, he was given two wishes. His first wish was to revert the crisis on Earth, restoring Earth's Dragon Balls and those who perishes from the incident. His second wish, unprepared as he had no idea he would get a second one, was spent wishing the Demon Realm to prosper with plant life and water. Touched by his selfless wishes and refusal to spend his second wish on reviving himself, Ygghog on her own revived Dabura and sent him back to his kingdom. With the land no longer barren and harsh, and a returned king preaching love and good, the Demon Realm plunged into a great war. In the end, Dabura and those who no longer wished to live in misery and inflicting it on others won, and Demon Realm became a cool vacation spot for the people of Earth. Those who were defeated included Dabura's sister, the Sinister Scientist Towa, who went off to create her own faction, the Time Breakers. Demons, while often sinister looking, are general fun and loving people who want to explore the world outside of Demon Realm they never knew, and share in the new harvests of their land. Some Demons are unhappy with the change of Demon Realm and have gone to live in the wastelands of Earth, enjoying the harsh winds and barren rock in peace.

Demon Cooking has become very trendy as of late. A "fusion" style of cuisine, mixing the generally awful "scraps of whatever we could hunt and wine" diet of old Demon Realm with the strange and exotic fruits and vegetables of the new Demon Realm, this mix of dry and bitter with lush and sweet has been very popular among young people.

Innate Abilities: Demon's are able to harness their anger and negative thoughts into a powerful "Darkness" Form. Much like Super Saiyan, this form increases power and speed, as well as enhancing skills and attacks. Demons, are able to use magical attacks in addition to Ki, and while in this form magical attacks will be amplified at the cost of energy. This form gives the user a dark aura. Available at the start and can progress to higher levels, and even use Godly Ki to become Demon Gods with training.

Demons can utilize magical spells, which are more abilities that offer utility, buffs or debuffs rather than damage. These spells do not utilize ki or give off energy signatures, however it can be harvested as pure energy by those with energy absorbing powers. Magical spells usually have cooldown periods instead of energy costs.

Dragon Ball 204?cb=20120520115644
Example Characters: Oceanus Shenron, Syn Shenron, Mr. Poko Poko
Many years ago, after the death of Dabura and Towa's father, the great Demon Mechikabura passed away. Wanting to resurrect him, but unable to due to the Shenron's inability to revive people who have died of natural causes, Towa seeks out a Dark Namekian to aide her in creating a new set of Dragon Balls. These Dark Dragon Balls when created appear to work, however when attempting to summon the dragon from within them, they instead shoot up and spread out, launching away. To Towa's horror, these Dragon Balls have launched themselves through TIME and SPACE itself, leaving them unable to be collected. The negative energy caused by the activation of these Dragon Balls set off a chain reaction, corrupting Earth's Dragon Balls and causing them to crack, releasing hundreds of Shadow Dragons upon the world. These beings are born from the hundreds of wishes that have been made over the years, and are empowered by negative energy to cause destruction and havoc, destroying the Orin Temple where the Dragon Balls had been collected at the time. Dabura, the Redeemed King of the Demons in Other World gathered a set of lost Other World Dragon Balls and wished for the Shadow Dragon Crisis to be reverted, causing many of these Shadow Dragons to cease to exist and the Dragon Balls to be restored. Some Shadow Dragons however, were simply purified, leaving eggs behind as their forms whisped away. Many years later, these eggs would hatch, giving birth to peculiar beings known as Dragonspawn. Unlike the Shadow Dragons, these powerful creatures are not evil, and take on characters, personality traits and develop skills and techniques based on the wishes that brought them to life. Nobody knows how many Dragonspawn there are, but there numbers seen small, with official records only knowing of 12. Very few have seen these beings, and some who may have might have mistaken them for Monster Type Earthlings, Aliens, or eccentric humans.

Innate Abilities:A Dragonspawn may take a more human form like Oceanus, or a more monstrous form. They may switch to the other one at will, and may attribute power changes with this change, such as gaining strength in the more Dragon-like form, while losing it in the humanoid form to gain more energy and ki. The change may also be purely cosmetic, or the player may choose to only have one form.

As they train and grow stronger, they may gain a new form or have one of their forms become more powered up. As Dragonspawn are born from specific wishes, you may chose to have the wish that brought yours to life theme what forms and techniques they may develop as they grow.

Dragonspawn can sense Dragon Balls acutely if they are within a few miles.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20120507113828
Example Characters:Garlic Jr., Nikki, Spice
A serpent race native the Makyo Star, the Makyans were without a home for many years after it's destruction by Gohan during Garlic Jr's attack on Earth. Eventually the Makyan survivors settled on New Namek, making amends with their old rivals. The hundred or so remaining Makyans came to Earth with the Namekians and Frieza Clan after their planets were destroyed. The Makyan elders have done their best since arrival to make amends with the Earth over Garlic and Garlic Jr.'s attacks, while they're children have gone off to adventure and grow and try to continue their dying species. The Makyans are a spiritual people, having lost the ability to transform into their powerful monstrous forms with the loss of their Makyo Star, and have largely become spiritual healers and shamans. They have learned to tap into the Dead Zone and harness it's power in order to animate skeletal remains to help them do their bidding. Despite this spooky method of magic, they use this power to try and help stop evil.

Makyan Cooking is generally bitter and off-putting. They are known to grow fruit that resemble Earth fruit however has a bitter acidic taste, often tasting of alcohol. These fruits are known to have side effects such as drunkenness, sleepiness, dizziness or amnesia. In spite of this, there is a growing following of chefs and gourmands who are trying to use these bitter and adverse fruits to create   meals as a challenge.

Innate Abilities:Makyans who focus on tapping into the Dead Zone may utilize it's energy to animate skeletal remains to do their bidding for them, effectively becoming necromancers.

Makyans have sharp teeth and can puncture hard surfaces with them. A Makyan who seeks out training from the Earth's Guardian Dende may be able to tap into the Black Water Mists and learn to enter a Vampiric Form.

Makyans were once able to transform into powerful and physically imposing Super Forms when exposed to the rays of the Makyo Star. Since it's destruction they have lost this ability, however through training, adventuring or Dragon Balls a player may be able to unlock this ability yet again.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20150227230857Dragon Ball 350?cb=20170126102525Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20120521213951
Alien (Misc.)
Example Characters: Ginyu Force, Bojack, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
There are many aliens in the universe, that we know for sure. With the Galactic Patrol officially inducting Earth into it's ranks, allowing it's denizens to join the Galactic Patrol, it's also brought many travelers and immigrants to the planet from across the stars. The first major incident involved relocating the Namekians and Frieza Clan to Earth, and since then many Galactic Patrolmen have taken shoreleave or decided to live on Earth, in addition to travelers from other sectors. Like Monster Type Earthlings, Aliens generally freak people out, unless they're wearing proper Galactic Patrol uniforms. Even retired Galactic Patrolmen still keep their uniforms around for this very reason, and a bootleg market has emerged selling knock-off uniforms to Aliens and Monster Type alike to help them blend in and put people at ease.

Alien Cooking is wide and diverse. Take the diversity of Earth and it's Earthlings cooking and multiply it by the thousands. You may define your species specific cooking style if you wish, or one may be provided to you.

Innate Abilities: The Alien race is designed by the player. It can be based off of an Alien race that has appeared in Dragon Ball, such as Captain Ginyu's race, or Bojack's Race of Hera, or even Jaco's race. Or you can make up your own unique race. You can be the sole survivor of your race, or an outcast or explorer who has a whole planet of people like you on the other side of the galaxy. You could have a large family who migrated to Earth years ago or maybe your father (or even YOU!) were in Galactic Patrol.

Your abilities and Combat Transformations will be created by you and negotiated, tweaked and approved by the DM. If you have many general racial traits and passives, you may not start with a powered up form. If you have few traits or bonuses, you may start with at most one. If more than one form is integral to your characters race or character and doesn't cause too much power creep it may be discussed with the DM.

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Post by SpacemanDan on Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:42 am

Here is a timeline of events that your average character (you the player) may know, through schooling or just common knowledge.

Age 261 - On Namek, violent storms ravage the planet, causing a drought. Katas sends his son away on a space ship, but the storms stop and no one follows him. All Namekians, except for Guru and Lord Slug, perish. The child is forced to land on the planet Earth.

Age 431 - The nameless son of Katas becomes the apprentice of Earth's current Kami, along with Garlic.

Age 461 - Garlic tries to take over the Earth in response to Earth's Kami not choosing him as his successor. He is defeated and trapped by Kami. The child of Katas is the chosen one and ascends to the throne of Kami after separating himself from the evil in his being. The evil in Kami's being becomes King Piccolo.

The King Piccolo Wars begin. Piccolo is defeated by a martial artists who perishes sealing him away.

Age 470 - Kami creates the Dragon Balls

Age 650 - The 1st World Martial Arts Tournament is held.

Age 712 - Dr. Briefs founds the Capsule Corpopration after inventing the revolutionary “Hoi-Poi Capsules”.

Age 733. May 8 - Earth's most beloved king, King Furry, is sworn in.

Age 736 - Hercule is born.

Age 739 - Jaco the Galactic Patrolman prevents the second extinction of the human race.

Age 745 - Senbei Norimaki creates Arale Norimaki, the Most Powerful Android.

Age 750, May 7 - The 21st World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Jackie Chun, Master of Masters wins against Son Goku in his debut. Goku is witnessed transforming into a giant ape. The moon is destroyed.

Age 750, May 12 - The growing Red Ribbon Army is disbanded and it's headquarters destroyed by Goku.

Age 753 May 7 - The 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Tien Shinhan wins. Goku comes in second place. The final match is remembered to this day as one of the most exciting matches in the World Martial Arts Tournament history. This is the last tournament Jackie Chun participates in, and the last time he has been seen.

King Piccolo returns and assassinates several martial artists. King Piccolo begins destroying entire kingdoms for the next 3 days.

Age 753, May 9 - Goku kills King Piccolo. King Fury awards Goku the Blue-Star Medal of Heroism.

Age 754 - The Moon returns to the sky.

Age 756- The 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. The finalists are Goku and Ma Junior, later revealed to be the son of Piccolo. Records of the battle are scarce due to evacuation during the finals. Papaya Island is decimated completely in the finals. The World Tournament Announcer is the only official to witness the fight and declares Goku the winner.

Age 761 - Garlic Jr. is sealed within the Dead Zone.

Age 762, November 3 - Two Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta arrive of Earth and begin attacking cities. The "Earth's Special Forces" arrive, including Goku, stopping them.

Age 762, November 30 - The Tree of Might is planted by another Saiyan, Turles, on Earth and plant life begins to die in various kingdoms close to it. The tree and Turles are destroyed by "Earth's Special Forces", and plant life returns.

Age 762, December 23 - Lord Slugs space ship lands on Earth and begins to lower the planets temperature. The ship is destroyed later that evening along with Lord Slug by the Earth's military.

Age 762, December 24 - Namek is destroyed by Frieza, and all living Namekian are relocated to Earth by the Dragon Balls.

Age 763, September 10 - The Namekian use their planets Dragon Balls to relocate to New Namek.

Age 763, October - The Makyo Star comes to Earth for the first time in 5,000 years. It frees Garlic Jr from the Dead Zone, but he is defeated by the scholar and son of Goku, Son Gohan and ends up trapped for good in the Dead Zone after the Makyo Star is destroyed.
Turtle celebrates his 1000th birthday.

Age 764, August - Frieza and King Cold arrive on Earth and are killed by a "wandering swordsman".

Age 767 - Cooler arrives on Earth to exact revenge for the deaths of Frieza and King Cold. Goku defeats Cooler, launching his remains into deep space with an energy blast.

Age 767, May 7 -The 24th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Mr. Satan is the winner. His daughter, Videl wins the junior tournament

New Namek is assaulted by the Big Gete Star and the augmented remains of Cooler, Meta-Cooler. Goku and Vegeta arrive and destroy the Big Gete Star and Meta-Cooler.

Age 767, May 10th - Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan is defeated on a far away planet by Goku. Broly's body is sent careening through space and crashes upon Earth, freezing in a mountain lake.

Age 767, May 12 - Dr. Gero and his Androids begin attacking the Island Province, killing many. Earth's Special Forces defeat these Androids.

Age 767, May 17 - Cell, the Perfect Life Form announces the Cell Games.

Age 767, May 18 - Earth Special Forces dispatch alien visitors Hatchyiak and Majin Ozotto.

Age 767, May 19 - Cell destroys the Royal Army. Dende becomes Earth's new Guardian.

Age 767, May 26 - The Cell Games begin. Goku is killed fighting Cell. Hercule defeats Cell.

The North Kai's Planet is destroyed by Cell, releasing Bojack and the Galaxy Soldiers from their imprisonment.

Age 767, August 14 - The 1st Interstellar Martial Arts Tournament is held. Hercule defeats the space pirate Bojack and his Galaxy Soldiers with the help of the scholar Gohan.

Age 774, April 7 - Great Saiyaman appears in West City.

Age 774, April 21 - Broly awakens on Earth and is defeated by Gohan and Videl.

Age 774, May 7 - The 25th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. The Tournament is cancelled and the entire world is destroyed by a mysterious force no one on Earth can remember.

Age 774, May 8 - The Earth is restored and everyone on Earth is resurrected by the Namekian Dragon Balls. Hercule, with the aid of Goku and Vegeta, defeats the mysterious enemy responsible for Earth's destruction on another planet.

Age 774, May 12th - Great Saiyawoman appears in West City

Age 776 - The opening of the Grand Hercule Hotel is attacked by two generals of Frieza's Army. The sons of Goku and Vegeta, Trunks and Goten, utilize the Metamoran Fusion Dance to become one being and aide Hercule in defeating them.

Age 778, August 18 - Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction arrives on Earth and battles with Hercule. Hercule defeats Beerus, sparing the planet. Goku and Vegeta begin training to learn the secrets of Godly Ki.

Age 779 - Frieza is resurrected by Earth's Dragon Balls and stages a small siege against Earths Special Forces outside of West City. He is defeated by Goku.

An infamous criminal known as Launch makes headlines, as she jailbreaks successfully for the 100th time.

"Great Saiyaman vs. Mr. Satan" is released, popularizing the Great Saiyaman brand greatly.

Age 781 - The 27th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Hercule wins. His apprentice, Mr. Buu comes in second place.

Age 784 - The 28th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. The Tournament is postponed as Goku and another contestant, Uub, leave the ring. They are later disqualified and Hercule wins.

Age 787 - The 29th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place on May 7th: Hercule is the winner, and Mr. Buu comes in second. Hercule's spectacular displays tremendously raise world-wide interest in martial arts and the World Martial Arts Tournament becomes an even more popular sport, immortalizing Hercule and Mr. Buu as stars.

Age 790 -Mr. Buu creates a female Majin called Miss Buu after reading one of Hercule's adult books, "Bob & Margaret", which he found in Hercule's library.

Age 791 - Baby Buu is born via the Love-Love Beam: the two parents tear off many pieces from various parts of their bodies, mix them together, and birth life into the dumpling-shaped pieces by firing the beam into it. This event lead to the later appearance of the entire Majin race.

Age 793 -Mr. Satan retires from fighting, and starts the Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course in an attempt to make money.

Age 794 - Mr. Satan's granddaughter Pan becomes a martial arts instructor: with customer claims that Mr. Satan's Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course is worthless rapidly spreading, disgruntled customers flood Satan House, prompting Pan to subdue them. The event becomes a big scandal and the Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course is then rebranded as the Pan Fighting Network, with Pan as the instructor.
Afterwards, Pan asks Bra, to help her develop a system for people to battle each other across long distances so that she could create a Telecommunicated Martial Arts Dojo. From this point on, the sports-like fighting course became very popular, especially among young people.

Yamcha founds the Dragon Ball League, a baseball-like sport which allows the use of flying and other advanced techniques.

Age 796 - Hercule's film "Satan Legend" is released. Those influenced by the film began studying how to control their ki from Pan, forming the origin of the present Martial Artist class.

Age 800 - King Furry dies and the world mourns.

Age 801 -Realizing his death is imminent and wanting to settle their rivalry, Goku leaves the Earth with Vegeta for a final battle. Years later, a supernova explosion is detected; it is assumed to be from Goku and Vegeta's battle.

Age 804 - Gohan begins research for his book Groundbreaking Science. As a result, by Age 1000, many Earthlings have an understand ki control.

Age 805 - Trunks and Goten create the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School, which teaches the principle of channeling ki energy through swords to increase strike power.

Age 820 - Hercule dies. The King of Earth honors him with a national funeral.
The remnants of the Galactic Frieza Army, the Elite Guard attack Earth in retaliation for the Frieza Family's defeat, but are defeated members Trunks and Goten's Kikoukenjutsu Sword School and the surviving members of Earth's Special Forces.

Majin Mani Mani protects people from Freeza's remnants and dies in battle. His death leaves a huge impact on many Majins.

Age 821 - Krillin, the New Turtle Hermit opens the New Turtle School. Tien Shinhan, the new Crane Hermit, opens the New Crane School.

Earth joins the Galactic Government and the ranks of the Galactic Patrol. Earth begins to accept visitors and immigrants from the far reaches of space in an official capacity.

Age 825 -The theme park "Boo World" opens. Most of its employees are Majin.

Age 851- Mira attacks New Namek. The Namekians and a small division of Makyan are forced to migrate to Earth.

Age 852 - Mira attacks Planet Frieza. The Frieza clan are forced to migrae to Earth.

Age 853 - The Namekians on Earth reform a land to make it look more like Planet Namek and call it Porunga Rocks.

Age 860 - A "Miracle Bloom" is experienced by the tree that produces the fruit that grow into Kaioshin, producing hundreds and hundreds of new Kaioshin. With no jobs for them to tend to in the Other World, they begin to wander Earth trying to learn more about life and the universe.

Age 862 - Beerus the God of Destruction awakens from an 80 year nap, alarmed at the amount of Kaioshin that now exist and are residing on Earth. As Kaioshin are agents of destruction, Beerus heads to Earth to destroy the planet and them, but upon arriving changes his mind, instead deciding to balance out the Kaioshin by seeking out and training his own Demi-Gods of Destruction.

Age 871 - Towa attempts to create new Dragon Balls to resurrect her father. These Dark Dragon Balls scatter through time and space and corrupt Earth's Dragon Balls, causing them to release hundreds of Shadow Dragons upon the land.

Within the year, Dabura collects Other World Dragon Balls and wishes the Crisis to be reverse. Dabura wishes for vegetation and prosperity to spread to the Demon Realm. Ygghog resurrects Dabura.

Age 872 - The Demon Realm Civil War begins and ends. Towa begins to research about Time Travel in order to locate the Dark Dragon Balls after being exiled from the Demon Realm. Dabura establishes a friendship between the Demon Realm and Earth.

Age 890 - Earth's Dragon, Shrenron, can now grant up to 7 wishes.

Age 940 - Evil Namekians begin to spawn eggs. In the area which they live, there is an empty throne, and King Piccolo's "demon" kanji can be seen.

Age 962 -Capsule Corporation History Museum opens.

Age 988 - The Saibaking and his Saibaman take over Kinoko Rocks.

Age 991 - General Bon forms the Red Pants Army. He begins taking action, intent on restoring the Animal-Type nation.

Age 992 - The Tuffle Colony Ship arrives on Earth.

Age 998 -The Time Breaker's threat is made known. Piccolo, with the help of Dende, gathers forces to fend off Mira's invasion. Capsule Corporation begins to mass-produce a new kind of robot.

Age 999 - Beerus promotes his first 3 students to Demi-God of Destruction. He is still very far behind in catching up to the Kaioshin numbers.

Age 1000 -Your Journey Begins.

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Dragon Ball Empty Re: Dragon Ball

Post by SpacemanDan on Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:42 am

These are selection well known schools and training facilities your character may have visited briefly, or may be journeying to seek training from. The headmasters of these schools are known far and wide by many.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20160126150831
Kikoukenjutsu Sword School
After the release of Gohan's book, "Groundbreaking Science", which informed the general public of advanced martial arts, the people of Earth took great interest in fighting. Some specifically gained interest in the theory of channeling ki energy through swords to increase the speed and power of strikes because of the book's article "Katchin Can Be Cut!". This article reveals that the dense material Katchin can be cut, which greatly intrigued Trunks and Goten.

This school has gained great exposure in the past century, due to the students of the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School playing a major role in the defeat of Frieza's Elite Guard. In addition to martial arts and weapon training, the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School is the only place known on Earth that is able to teach the Metamoran Fusion Dance technique. This technique however requires intense training and focus and is only taught to senior and veteran students.

The current headmaster is Gotato, a descendant of both Trunks and Goten.

Dragon Ball U5kZU
New Hermit School
After Master Roshi perished in the battle with Frieza's Elite Guard, unable to be revived again by Shenron, Krillin took up his mantle and became the new Turtle Hermit, moving into Kame House and with the help of his powerful Android wife, expanded the land creating a grounds for the New Turtle Hermit School. Krillin's teachings emphasized teamwork and overwhelming stronger opponents with multiple attacks. Having fought many battles alongside Saiyans and Namekians, Krillin understood that Humans simply could not compare to aliens and developed techniques that revolved around working together. Even if they are unable to deal a killing blow to kill their opponent, they can still weaken them and, by combining their efforts with others, would be able to contend with far stronger enemies.

Master Krillin is the headmaster of the New Hermit School, still alive and kicking centuries later. He is assisted by his slow-to-age wife, Android 18, the protector of Kame House and spar-master.

Dragon Ball U5lTN
New Crane School
Having witnessed the Super Spirit Bomb that Goku used to defeat Kid Buu, Tien Shinhan realized that it was possible for an individual to defeat even the strongest opponent by raising their power to the limits and gathering tremendous amounts of ki for a powerful enough spiritual attack. With his newfound belief, Tien opens the New Crane School to educate the planet's new generation of warriors. Tien developed techniques that revolved around strategically collecting ki and unleashing bursts of intense energy with precise timing, believing that it is more important to develop aggressive attacks by controlling ki than it is to provide support.

Tien Shinhan is the headmaster of the New Crane School, still alive and kicking centuries later. He married the infamous criminal Launch and the two have had many children.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20110901131811
Emperor Chiatzou's School of the Mind
Learning the harsh truth, that even with great training and spirit, a fighters ability can still be limited by their physical bodies, Chiatzou set out to expand his mind and strengthen his psychic powers. Proving crucial in defeating Frieza's Elite Guard, Chiatzou opened up a school next to Tien's New Crane School, teaching others the secrets of ESP and allowing those with fighting spirited who are limited by their bodies limits to become powerful warriors. The school is also known to teach the powerful "Self Destruct" technique.

Emperor Chiatzou is the headmaster, the school doubling as his palace where him and his wife RanRan live.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20160224211730
The Scale Temple
Built on the site of the Orin Temple's destruction caused by the Shadow Dragon Crisis, Namekian and Makyo travelers settled and rebuilt the temple. Serving as a monument to remind those not to abuse the power of the Dragon Balls or take it's miracles for granted, it has become a holy site for many. Inside the temple halls, Makyo Necromancers and Spiritual Shaman, as well as Namekian healers and holy warriors congregate to share their knowledge, and teach others the secrets of healing and summoning the bones of the dead.

Armonica is the headmaster of the Scale Temple, a Namekian who witnessed first hand Mira's destruction of New Namek.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20121225161704
New Chin-Star School
A martial arts school founded by Master Chin and his rivals after they put their differences aside, the school remained relatively obscure for decades. In spite of this it carried on, and after the explosive popularity of martial arts took off, the Chin-Star School started to grow in size and following. Rebuilt by Master Chin's descendant after the Frieza Elite Guard's assault on earth, the New Chin-Star School still boasts that the great Saiyan Goku once sought teaching from Master Chin. The school is known for it's dynamic and mysterious physical attacks, such as Master Chin's iconic After-Image technique, or as it's properly known in the school, the Phantom-Star.

Tanton is the headmaster of the New Chin-Star School, a descendant of the great Master Chin possessing a Saiyan tail.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20161230160638
Capsule Corporation Science Academy
The current CEO of the Capsule Corporation, Nopan, was inspired by her ancestor Bra's involvement with helping the Pan Fighting Network grow to bring martial arts training around the world, she wanted to do the same for scientific study and technological training. Creating the Capsule Corporation Science Academy, it's focus is not only to teach people about science and training in fancy gadgets, but also training in self-defense and advanced flying  and ki control courses. The Capsule Corporation provides these training for free, as a service to the world, and often gives financial grants so those in out of the way areas can relocate to attend. Tuffles who want to have their idea of "perfect science" challenged often attend this academy despite their elders disapproval.

Nopan is the headmistress of the Capsule Corporation Science Academy and current CEO of Capsule Corp. She is a descendant of Bra and Pan.

Dragon Ball Krillin-suit
The Dragon Ball League
Founded by Yamcha after the knowledge of Ki and popularity of martial arts grew, he was inspired to create a new sport based upon baseball, "Dragon Ball", which allowed the use of advanced techniques, ki and flight. Coming at it at just the right time, the popularity of the sport exploded, growing from 2 leagues to 4 to encompass all of the different cities with teams. The Dragon Ball League, or DBL is split into the Z League, GT League, Super League and Kai League. Yamcha unfortunately perished in the battle against Frieza's Elite Guard and was unable to be brought back by the Dragon Balls as he already had been before. He handed reigns of the League to his God-Daughter, the daughter of Krillin and Android 18 Maron, who ran the league for many years, before she herself retired, leaving the league in ownership of Krillin's Great-Great Grand Son, Alnut. Although Alnut is more focused on making the sport more flashy and appealing to today's audience, he has a good heart and keeps the open door training policy that was instated by Yamcha long ago.

Alnut is the chairman of the Dragon Ball League and is considered the "headmaster" of it's training services.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20161227034854
Mighty Magic Academy
Established after King Dabura reached out to the people of Earth and wanted to see the Demon Realm join with them, the Mighty Magic Academy is not only a school but a place where magicians and wizards from Earth and the Demon Realm meet to share their spells and magical discoveries. Primarily staffed by Demons, the Mighty Magic Academy has seen 6 Neko Majin take up residency to teach, the largest congregation of Neko Majin on Earth, as well as attracting a large Frieza following. The Frieza Clan race has shown an interest in magic and many young Frieza seek out the academy for it's teaching.

Sezin is the headmistress of the Mighty Magic Academy, a Demon who has achieved great power to be considered a "Demon God".

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20090115020716
The Pan Fighting Network
With customer claims that Mr. Satan's Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course is worthless rapidly spreading, disgruntled costumers flood Satan House in Age 794, prompting Pan (age 15) to subdue them. The event becomes a big scandal and the Telecommunicated Satan-style Martial Arts Course is then rebranded as the Pan Fighting Network, with Pan as the instructor. Afterwards, Pan asks Bra to help her develop a system for people to battle each other across long distances so that she could create a Telecommunicated Martial Arts Dojo. From this point on, the sports-like fighting course became very popular, especially among young people. Online fights are still popular today, and classes are still taught by Pan herself even in her old age.

Pan is the headmistress of the Telecommuncated Martial Arts Dojo and is happy to see her many "grand children", a term she affectionately calls her many Saiyan decedents who reside on Earth.

Dragon Ball 0496dc1859d90023e867afad2be1c503
The Saiyaman Foundation
Gohan has not been seen since the Elite Guard Frieza siege, rumors stating he went to live with Videl in the mountains as they grew old together, their time on this Earth forever tied together by a wish from the Dragon Balls. However, long since then, the Great Saiyaman and Saiyawoman still prowl the streets of West City, keeping it safe. No one is sure who the new Saiyaman and Saiyawoman are, but they are part of the Saiyaman Foundation. Founded after Gohan's disappearance, the foundation trains aspiring heroes and helps relocate them to cites and towns that need protection and assistance. Lead by the Most Powerful Android, Arale-chan, the Saiyaman Foundation can be a force to be reckoned with when multiple heroes are assembled to work together.

Arale Norimaki, the Most Powerful Android, is the leader and team coordinator of the Saiyaman Foundation.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20130901085335
Buu World's Extreme Satan Dojo
Inside the Majin-themed and staffed theme park, Buu World, resides a fantastical Dojo. Here many Majin and those seeking the exotic techniques they use congregate to learn and train to be powerful fighters. Erected in honor of Hercule, Mr. Satan, the Dojo is staffed primarily by powerful Majin warriors. Many non-Majin martial artists seek out the Extreme Satan Dojo, not just for it's powerful techniques, but the recreational services offered by the theme park when winding down, and the plentiful food served daily. While Majin Buu has very little patience to actually teach people, his wife, Miss Buu is the head instructor.

Miss Buu is the headmistress of the Extreme Satan Dojo. The wife of Majin Buu and progenitor of the Majin race, Miss Buu hasn't appeared to have aged a day since she was born.

Dragon Ball U5q3n
Southern Transformation Kindergarten
Originally one of a dozen Shapeshifting Academy's, the Southern Transformation Kindergarten exploded ahead in popularity, becoming the defacto the shape shifting school when they began advertising Puar and Oolong, friends of the great Hercule and allies of the Earth Speacial Forces both learned their ability here. Teaching the ability to shapeshift for small periods of time, the school is popular among Animal-Type, Monster-Type and Aliens, who utilize the ability to help blend in. Oolong's family eventually got in contact with the school over using them as advertisement, trying to get some money out of it, however not much came from that. Puar's family decided to help the school and joined to help teach. Currently, Puar's Great-Great Granddaughter is the Headmistress of the school.

Nyuu is the headmistress of the Southern Transformation Kindergarten. She is the Great-Great Granddaughter of Puar and hates meanie heads like Oolong and Alzam.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20110428023408
Amaguri Idol School
Founded by Cocoa Amagui after retiring from being an idol to take up martial arts, she was inspired by her idols, Hercule and Gohan, to create a school where young girls could be both powerful fighters and popular idols. The Amaguri Idol School emphasis form and presentation and is home to some of the most beautiful fighters and flashiest attacks on Earth. Frieza Clan have noted to have a particular interest in idols, helping spread their popularity among the battlefield.

The Amaguri Idol Schools is head-staffed by a 3-girl Idol Group, known as Zenkai Lady. Composed of 3 Saiyan-Earthlings, from left to right, Viola, Note and Forte. Note is a descendant of Cocoa Amaguri herself.

Dragon Ball U5rbE
Murasaki Ninja Academy
The self-proclaimed "mysterious" Ninja Academy resides in a mist-shrouded valley. Here, martial artists travel to learn ancient Ninja techniques. While some find the school to be a complete joke with nothing to offer but cheap tricks and gimmicks, others swear by it, proclaiming a hidden power hides beneath what appear to be parlor tricks and sleight of hand. Regardless of their controversial techniques, they do teach skilled hand to hand combat as well as weapons training of a variety of weapons. The schools  is a standing legacy to the Murasaki family and is run by the family to this day.

Genjeo Murasaki, the White Ninja. Descendant of Murasaki the Purple Ninja and his Ninja Brothers, he is a spitting image of his ancestor.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20110306142714
The Zenkai Pleasure Palace
Cucumb the Glutton, a peculiar Saiyain has found a revolutionary new method for Saiyains to power up. While normally Zenkai are unable to function under self-inflicted wounds, Cubum has figured out a way to circumvent this. Saiyans looking for a quicker way to power up may come here to learn this secret technique, allowing them to power up through Zenkai quicker without having to seek out stronger opponents. Cucumb has also developed a technique for becoming not only resilient to pain, but finding great enjoyment and relief from it. While these techniques are highly sought after by Saiyans and others alike, not many can handle the training and end up dropping out.

Cucumb the Glutton is the headmaster of the Zenkai Pleasure Palace.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20130301130738
West City Driver's Ed
Originally founded as a hovercar training school that administered tests for licenses, the West City Driver's Ed had to branch out to stay afloat with flying through the use of ki becoming a popular technique. Now skilled in training and issuing licenses for a variety of vehicles, land, sea and air, it has become THE place to learn to master any vehicle, as well as learn of new helpful vehicles you might not have been aware of. They also employ and train hundreds of mechanics, to keep vehicles in the best shape, as well as providing roadside, seaside and cloudside assistance and repair for license holders.

Elba the human and her partner Grease the Namekian are the headmasters of the West City Driver's Ed.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20151010224516
Galactic Patrol Terrestrial Operations and Training
The planet side operations of the Galactic Patrol are just as eventful as those in space, despite what others might tell you. The job can only be handled by the Super Elite, and that's why Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman has been put in charge of the Earth Galactic Patrol Terrestrial Operations and Training Headquarters. Here he keeps the Earth safe from extra-terrestrial threats and trains potential recruits for the Galactic Patrol in the art of the Super Elite.

Jaco Teirimentenpibosshi is the headmaster and commanding field officer of the GPTO and it's Training programs.

Dragon Ball Hit_5_dbs_by_saodvd-d9ykjd9
Hit's Assassination Classroom
The legendary alien Hitman of Universe 6, Hit, came to visit Universe 7 after hearing about Goku and Vegeta's final fight. Witnessing the cosmic explosion caused by their last battle left him in awe, of warriors who did not fight to kill for a living, but to grow stronger. Even in death Goku keeps amazing Hit at the kind of warrior you can become. Inspired, he creates the Hit Assassination Classroom, a workshop for powerful warriors to learn his unique Time Skip powers, as well as tips on professionalism. Although not witnessed, Hit was a major help in the Elite Guard Frieza Siege and saved many lives.

Hit is the headmaster of his Assassination Classrroom.
Dragon Ball Beerus-Whis
Beerus' School of Destruction
An over abundance of Kaioshin, agents of creation present on Earth has spurred Beerues to once again awaken from slumber and return to Earth. Instead of destroying the planet he is looking for only the most powerful of warriors to train to become Demi-Gods of Destruction in order to balance the nature of the over-abundant Kaioshin. Whis as well is finding the idea of attending to many Gods of Destruction a bit too much for his taste is looking for those of great patience and mystic power to train to become Angelic Attendants. Only the highest caliber of adventurers will interest Beerus and Whis, so not much is currently known about the actual school.

Beerus and Whis are the headmasters of the School of Destruction, presumably.

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Dragon Ball Empty Re: Dragon Ball

Post by SpacemanDan on Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:44 am

The following are the various known antagonistic organizations that your character may be familiar with.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20150917163844
Red Pants Army
The army was formed by an animal-type Earthling called General Bon in Age 991, intending on restoring the animal-human nation. Repurposing long discarded Red Ribbon Army facilities, vehicles and weaponry, the Red Pants Army has grown substantially the past 10 years. It is believed they may be receiving help from the current King of Earth, King Fluffy.

The leader of the Red Pants Army is General Bon, although rumors of an Android 9 resembling the original Commander of the Red Ribbon Army and a Clone of Dr. Gero pulling the strings from the shadows have begun to spread, although some believe they're merely sympathizers and investors.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20140714124504
Frieza Army Remnants
While most of the remainder of Frieza's Army was wiped out with the Elite Guard during their war with Earth, a few survivors escaped off into space and slowly began building ranks. The Remnants, resembling a large band of mercenaries more than a full scale army are composed of alien veterans who survived the original incursions, and new recruits compromised of outlaws on the run from Galactic Patrol.

Lord Soder is the leader of the Frieza Army Remnants and has been in contact with the Time Breakers, who have provided them with new ships and lost Frieza technology.

Dragon Ball 264?cb=20161024100158
Dark Namekians
Composed of Namekians who settled near King Piccolo's ancient throne, they began to rediscover the dark forbidden arts of Pokopen that King Piccolo once mastered. The more they dabbled in this art, the more the darkness took over, mutating some into horrible monsters. Now having grown and become a notable threat to those on Earth, the Dark Namekians have caught the attention of Piccolo and Earth's Guardian Dende ever since they created the Dark Dragon Balls for Towa which inadvertently caused the Shadow Dragon Crisis.

Naraku, the Black Namekian is the leader of the Dark Namekians. They mostly keep to themselves, though Piccolo believes they are planning an attack soon.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20150825184331
Time Breakers
Forged from the losing side of the Demon Civil War, Towa the Sinister Scientist and her artificial warrior Mira lead the Time Breakers, a group of Demons (and whoever will join) who are beginning to dabble in time travel, providing resources and wonders to powerful people in exchange for their allegiance. Mira's power has grown, as demonstrated by him attacking and nearly destroying New Namek and Planet Frieza. Earth and the Demon Realm have not been attacked by Mira for some unknown reason. The Time Breakers ultimate goal is to perfect time travel in order to find and gather the Dark Dragon Balls.

Towa is the leader of the Time Breakers. At this point in time they have no mastered time travel, but are able to grab resources, ships and weapons from other timelines and provide them in exchange for services.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20150917163930
The Devil Men
The Devil Men are the longstanding enemies of the Demon Realm, having chosen to side with those who were exiled after the Demon Civil War. Their signature attack is the Devilmite Beam, an energy beam that harms the target based on the impurity in their soul and character. The mysterious Devil Men have been seen more and more often outside of Demon Realm, prompting some to be worried they may be planning something.

Psidevilman is the leader of The Devil Men, his brother the Greatdevilman, the former lead,er having been slain by Dabura during the Demon Civil War. It is known he wishes to bring his brother back to life and return his role of leadership to him.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20151225095850
The Tuffle Elders
Since their colony ship landed on Earth, none have been allowed to venture inside to see what life in the ship was like. Although many Tuffle will detail the ship, some even providing recording, no one has been allowed to enter the ship. Those Truffle that leave to explore the Earth and question the "perfect science" the Elder Truffle have finalized are exiled, never allowed to return. It is known the Truffle Elders still hold resentment towards the Saiyans, and view Earth as the new "home of the Saiyan". While many Tuffle are friendly scientists and explorers, rogue mercenaries have been known to cause trouble and commit great crimes, claiming to have done so in the wishes of the Tuffle Elders. While they deny any involvement with these Tuffle, the incidents are growing more and more common and Earth's governments are getting tired of not being allowed to enter their ship.

Dr. Lycee is the head elder of the Tuffle Elders. Rumor has it, the alien "Hatchyiak" which invaded Earth centuries ago was actually a Tuffle Bio-Weapon created by Dr. Lycee and sent out to destroy the remaining Saiyans.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20140921040457
Bacterian's Pirates
A descendant of Bacterian, known as Captain Bacterian has galvanized many disenfranchised criminals of the world to join his Pirate army. The Bacterian Pirates are a scourge of the seas and cause trouble for many trying to travel to other islands or countries.

Captain Bacterian, a descendant of Bacterian is their leader. Much like his ancestor, he stinks really bad.

Dragon Ball Latest?cb=20160806032414
The Saibamen
Centuries after the Saiyans first attacked Earth and utilized the Saibaman to test Earth's warriors, many had forgotten of such creatures. Curiously, in the past decade or so they have begun to reappear, thought by some to have been living underground this whole time in weaker forms that shed off from the original Saibaman and have only now reached mature forms. The Saibaking, the most powerful and fearsome looking of the Saibaman has banded together Saibaman from all over the world and taken over the Nokino Desert, turning it into a Mad Max-Style Wasteland.

The Saibaking is the King of the Saibamen.

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Dragon Ball Empty Re: Dragon Ball

Post by SpacemanDan on Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:51 am

For many years, people have hunted Dragon Balls. As more and more figured out how to detect the materials the Dragon Balls were made of, Dragon Radars became commonplace, and lead to wishes being made almost constantly when the Dragon Balls returned from stone. To prevent this, Dende, the Guardian of Earth, changed the materials of the Dragon Ball to be something that couldn't be tracked, leading the pursuit of Dragon Balls returning to grand adventures and exploration rather than racing to beat the hundreds of others with Dragon Radars.

Shenron has grown in strength over the last 200 years and is able to grant 7 wishes, or so the rumors go. As luck would have it, you have come into possession of a Dragon Ball. As you journey for self-discovery, training or pursuit of collecting more Dragon Balls, a question begins to form in your head "What could I wish for from the Dragon if I were to find the rest of these balls?".

Dragon Ball 6hVouVE
As luck would have it, another adventurer is headed your way whose going to kick start the greatest journey of your life. Paizan Curit, daughter of the renowned, wealthy, retired martial artist Dior "Gold 24" Curit, is traveling the Dragon World in search for the Dragon Balls. She is desperate to find the strongest man in the universe to become her husband and has been unhappy with what tournaments organized by her father to find her a suitable suitor have brought about and is deciding to take it into her own hands.

After the last man she was interested ended up being a brilliant scientist and not a powerful warrior she mistook him for, she decided to go off and search for the fabled Dragon Balls in order to wish for the most powerful husband in the universe. The confused scientist was kind however, and offered her some help with a revolutionary new Dragon Radar he had invented. Unlike Radars of the past which no longer worked, this scientist had figured out how to track the Dragon Balls yet again and gifted the radar to his friend Paizan Curit.

What brought the Dragon Ball into you possession? Why are you traveling? What would you wish for if you succeed in summoning the Dragon?  What will your encounter with Paizan entail?

Paizan has found one Dragon Ball already, and is moving fast towards your character and into your life. Will you be ready?

Find out all of this and more on the next exciting chapter of DRAGON BALL!

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Dragon Ball Empty Re: Dragon Ball

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