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Post by SpacemanDan on Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:15 am

Kingdom Hearts x The Nustshack: Xenoverse is a KHxTNS game developed by Dimps for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows (via Steam). The release date for all consoles is February 5, 2015 in Japan, February 13th in Great Britain, February 27th in Europe, and February 24th in North America. The Steam release date is February 27th, 2015. It uses some elements and characters from the now defunct Kingdom Hearts x The Nutshack Online.

Using a time machine is ultimately a violation against the laws of the universe, so the Grand Warlock of Time sentenced Sora into leading the Time Patrol - a group of warriors assembled to stop the Timeless (a group of heartless that transcend time and space) and new threats named Timmy Turner and Garrosh Hellscream from fucking up time (which translates into visiting the iconic battles of the forum roleplay and giving ridiculous power-ups to the villains that results in them winning). Sora summons Genie from Alladin and wishes for an ally to help him. Genie grants his wish after doing an impersonation of Gene Simmons, and summons your Mary Sue character. This game is the ultimate playable self-insert fanfic. Only you can save the world of Kingdom hearts AND the Nutshack.

KHxTNS Xenoverse: No! The Hero is You! JQSVTJR

The main feature of this game is Create-a-Character (CAC from now on) that allows you to be a Pickleman, Bashlonian, Symbiote, Nutshacklander, or one of Brer Rabbits unnamed southern animal race and play both story and online co-op and versus modes. Fights can be up to 3v3, your character will level and have to distribute statistical points and can learn new moves from a mentor/apprentice system with 12 of the baddest dudes from KHxTNS. There are 46 playable characters with their various transformations. 24 different arenas with some destructible elements. 3 DLC packs planned already.

Let's discuss the CAC. Here's the races:

Racial Characteristics: Key Attack Operation
Humans/Bashlonians have balanced stats for both offense and defense. Key energy refills automatically over time and attack power rises when maxed.

Racial Characteristics: Combat Instinct
A warrior tribe that has low health, but high attack power. Overall attack power rises when health drops under 25%. If a Pickleman falls during battle and are revived by a teammate, they transform and all stats are raised. Males have stronger regular attacks, but buffs last longer and special skills are slightly weaker. Females have higher recovery rates for key and magicka gauges, but have less health.

Racial Characteristics: Endurance
The Symbiote race has high defense, but slow magicka recovery. When magicka is maxed, less damage is received. Males have more health, but lower movement speed. Females have higher movement speed, but lower health.

Racial Characteristics: Recovery
Have low attack power, but high health and magicka refills quickly. Items are more 1.5 times more effective than other races and when health drops under 70%, it is regenerated automatically.

Brer Clan
Racial Characteristics: Interference
Have high speed, but low attack power. When health drops under 50%, speed increases. They can enact outdated stereotypes that paralyzes the opponent’s body and effect their actions.

After the race is selected, players can adjust the height of their character, further effecting characteristics. When increasing the height, their attack power is increased, but their movement speed is reduced. Conversely, when a character’s height is decreased, the movement speed is increased and their attack power is decreased.

KHxTNS Xenoverse: No! The Hero is You! 8V8wS
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